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Financial Search Specialists

financial-searchA Rapidly Changing Financial Landscape

I think it’s safe to say that globalization and recent world-wide financial turmoil has made the finance and accounting fields more complex to navigate – and therefore – now puts greater demands on the finance profession.

It’s also safe to say that the growing demand for truly qualified and experienced finance professionals is accelerating….and will remain in growth mode for the foreseeable future.

With the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley; Dodd-Frank and number of other stringent compliance requirements from FINRA the SEC, FASB and other regulatory entities, the need for continuous professional development and learning, remains an imperative.

Talent Shortage

Our clients tend to be the leaders or the cutting-edge leaders in their fields – Investment/Asset Management; Mutual Fund Management; Private Equity; Wealth Management; Corporate and International Financial Reporting; Debt Equity Financing and M&A activity, Raising Capital, Fund Creation, etc.  As such, their requirements are rigorous and their expectations are high.  We are always looking for people who have state of the art skills, certifications, solid fundamental knowledge and cogent experience.

Typical Position Searches:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Portfolio Manager / Portfolio Analyst
M&A Manager / Tax Manager
Accounting Manager / Financial Reporting Manager
International Attorney/Regulatory Counsel

Start-Ups – Entrepreneurship  – Alternative Careers

Clearly, in recent times, the number of early-stage ventures and entrepreneurship has created a demand for an agile financial generalist, who may need broad spectrum knowledge, such as venture fund-raising, securities offerings; social media; CRM, etc.  It’s no-longer business as usual and someone’s multiple start-up experiences may be as highly valued as their CPA, CFA and MBA.  Because of our relationship with Venture Capital firms and alternative funding sources, we may be able to introduce you to those positions in rapidly growing companies that may still be in stealth-mode or are positions that remain in the hidden market.