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Why we’re the go-to experts for In-House & Law Firm careers….We know our clients and their needs.

It’s no secret, we simply do the hard work up-front – the required due-diligence in getting to know our clients and candidates very well. We visit every client, meet their legal and management teams, meet every candidate and come to know corporate or law firm cultures, their outlook regarding their business and their expectations when adding new people to their teams.

  • We listen carefully
  • We meet every client and candidate
  • We understand their culture, their work, their expectations, their needsMeeting
  • We have our own experience working in-house and at firms
  • We build trust and have a long track record of success
  • We represent candidates and companies honestly
  • We provide vital strategic advice, input and anecdotal experience


In House – Law Firm – or – Alternative Career – We can help you build your career…

While there are a multitude of career paths for attorneys, in general the choice is divided between law firm practice leading to partnership or an in-house career as a corporate/business counsel or an alternative career using the skills and education acquired. Many attorneys consider these possibilities at some point in their work-life, and the decision oftentimes comes down to their personality type, lifestyle priorities and/or skills.

Law Firms come in all shapes, sizes and personalities – large, multi-national and boutiques, just to name a few. But they all essentially share the common characteristic of being a group of attorneys servicing the needs of a variety of clients, and as such, the diversity of work, the intellectual challenge and the fundamental training one gains coupled with the rigors of billable hours creates an exciting environment – where the best rise to the top.

In-House positions on the other hand usually serve the needs of a single client, that being the company and its’ stakeholders. While your work will be interesting and likely diverse, the hours will be rigorous, but tend to be more predictable. You are more likely to serve a role as business advisor in conjunction with that of a legal specialist. In some cases, a start in the legal group could lead to other opportunities across the enterprise in general or executive management including positions as CEO, COO, CAO and GC.

Alternative Legal Career positions are also an option for those who choose to use their acquired education in a different way. For some, gaining a legal education is a means to another end, possibly in a general business role (Contract Administration, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, General Management) or possibly Public/Government Service or working at a Foundation, or in Academia, or at a NGO.

Whatever your decision regarding a path to firm life, a company, or an alternative career – many factors come into play, including those of compensation, work-life balance, intellectual curiosity and office/personality dynamics. In any case, we are well prepared to help you in your quest.

Our deep experience and close client relationships gives us the benefit of interviewing management or executive committees to better understand their work environment and culture as well as their outlook regarding talent acquisition and leadership development.

We do not generally work with non-profit organizations, but we will be glad to refer you or direct you to those resources that may help you advance your ambitions.