Greater Boston’s premier human resource consulting company.


What does your company do?

We are a professional consulting company that assists companies in achieving their business goals,Business partner looking at tablet together success and competitive advantage by providing them with services in Talent Management,
Organizational Consulting and Insourced HR operations.

What do you specialize in?

We work across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines, however, we generally work with professional services firms or product development companies.

Financial: Mutual Fund Services; Venture-Private Equity; Asset Management

Legal: In-House Corporate Legal or Law Firm Practice

Technology: Early stage or Start-Ups; Software Development or Services

Why do Firms use your services? Why should I?

In today’s constantly changing workplace and tight labor markets, companies need assistance with talent management in order to grow successfully and competitively. In some cases, companies may not want their competitors to know their strategic intentions. In other cases, clients need our expertise to manage the rapid changes in their growth, development and evolving business model and changing corporate culture.

We add value by pursuing the client’s needs discreetly and expeditiously, oftentimes, saving them money and critical time to market with a product, idea or service.

What do you charge for your services?

Companies retain our services and pay for the results. Our consulting time is paid as billable hours.  Any candidates we place in positions do not bear any costs.

What other services do you provide?

We work with client companies in various capacities. Sometimes we work on-site (insourced) as resident consultants. Other times, we handle special HR projects on varied issues, such as, compensation surveys, HR audits, organizational change, and process change, establishing college relation programs or benefits implementation/analysis.

Other times we are retained indefinitely as an outside resource on-call.

Do you work nationally?

Yes and No;  While many of the companies and firms we work with do operate globally, most are based in New England. This provides an opportunity for us to visit and meet management, get to know their corporate culture and work environment and ultimately better understanding their business objectives. We can assist them in connecting with resources that can facilitate a national agenda, and we often take-on projects outside of MA to address and meet their needs.