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What we do – and – why we choose to do it differently.

In Sourced Services – Addressing HR Needs – before they become – HR Problems

When companies reach a certain size – they may have a number of on-going operational needs in regard to human capital management – however – maybe not enough demand to warrant hiring someone on a fulltime basis. We serve as your insourced operational support team to address those needs.

Who do you call when employee issues arise? Maybe you need advice on how to tactfully handle a situation – or – you want to make sure that you are in full compliance with Federal and State employment requirements.   Below are a few of the flexible solutions we can provide to help you operate your business with confidence:

Serious business people interacting

  • HR Procedures & Best Practices
  • Create Guidelines, Handbooks, Policies
  • Benefits & Compensation Assistance
  • Talent Acquisition &  Recruiting Process Management


  • Leadership Development & Management Coaching
  • Diversity / Culture – Inclusion
  • College Relations Programs & Employee Relations
  • Thought Leadership
  • HR Process Management

We seamlessly integrate our capabilities with clients to deliver on those needs, be it short-term or indefinitely.

Organizational Consulting, HR Guidance & Talent Management

For our clients, organizational consulting takes many forms. In an informal sense, clients will seek our opinion and feedback on issues they may be wrestling with. They feel comfortable in knowing that we will respond candidly, sharing our insight and judgment. They may be interested in specific anecdotal information we’ve gleaned from our diverse client base to formulate a strategy for their own organization.

On a project basis, we perform consulting services covering a broad spectrum to include: competitive surveys; compensation and benefits advice; process management; organizational design and HR functional audits, on-boarding, performance management, etc. We tailor our services to meet your needs and goals.

Most importantly, we try to look at those challenges you face with an objective view and offer fresh perspectives and novel approaches to your people management issues.

Executive Search  – Retained

Successful companies recognize that creating a winning team isn’t a casual exercise, but a strategic ongoing process of building a leadership organization. Finding and retaining the best talent is an imperative that creates a competitive advantage and sustains a business through good times and bad.

We meet with all client companies and candidates personally, investing the time to get to know them, their values and objectives, along with their corporate culture and their management team. We ask lots of questions and we listen very carefully.

We want to make sure that your needs are addressed and that our search efforts are aligned with your business strategies and objectives to
produce successful outcomes. Our up-front due diligence is rigorous. Client feedback validates that it is time well spent in achieving outstanding results.

We don’t view our search work as simply a quick fix – but more importantly as part of a longer-term strategy in building a vibrant business.