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JONATHAN STONE             

Characterized as professional, insightful, inquisitive and consultative, Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the firm. His skills in advising management and candidates in a collaborative manner has earned him unparalleled trust and confidence and designated him as a subject matter expert in shepherding talent management issues through complex organizations.

As a former Director of HR at Bolt, Beranek & Newman (BBN) and the Director of Employee Relations and Compensation & Benefits at Schlumberger/Applicon, Jonathan has been responsible for overseeing major corporate initiatives in fast growing R&D, technology and professional service organizations.

On a number of occasions, Jonathan continues to deploy his skills on-site as a retained operational HR specialist at established companies and early stage ventures; along with consulting on leadership development and organizational strategies.

In addition to a number of on-going community service projects, Jonathan was a lead founder of the Human Resource Alliance for African Americans, the only (Boston based) HR group committed to professionals of color.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University in New York, NY.


As a former practicing attorney, Nate brings invaluable experience and knowledge about the practice of law and the ever changing role attorneys play in both law firms and corporations.

His extraordinary skills in research and discovery have made him a powerful resource to the firm and given us the ability to locate and develop those hard to find specialists that are in high demand but limited supply. A master at database searches and the utilization of advanced technology tools, his skills are truly added value for our client’s needs.

He is active in a number of volunteer organizations and committed to community service. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA and his Juris Doctor degree from University of Louisville in KY.

Consulting Partner/Compensation Practice Manager
Pel Rozelle Picture

Pelham Rozelle leads our compensation consulting practice.  Pel brings over 25 years of compensation management experience in the high technology industry. He started his career conducting job evaluations, writing job descriptions, developing career ladders and building pay programs (both base and incentive) for Unitrode, Data General, and Schlumberger-Applicon.  He held the top compensation management positions for GenRad, Codex, Motorola Nortel and Motorola Mobility. During this period he developed and managed global base, incentive and equity compensation programs that were market competitive, innovative and strategic. In addition he led HR for Motorola Mobility EMEA, Motorola Mobility Product Development, Microsoft Dynamics and Flexera Software.

Considered a leading subject matter expert, Pel has most recently performed over 10 years of compensation consulting work in the technology, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  He is active in a number of professional organizations as well as community activities, and when not consulting, he is busy with his family and is an accomplished woodworker and home construction/renovation artisan.